Project Details

Ad Website

Advertising Standards Canada

Contracted to take an existing print ad campaign and build a fun and engaging microsite based on the ads. The campaign ads had a unique design and many fun characters that were begging to be animated. The site has a unique menu system that is fun & intuitive enough to not get in the way of navigating the site.

There where so many unique and challenging elements to the site: from the opening animation (hundreds of animated characters) to the little character menu, which has it's own artificial intelligence (AI) and particle effects.

Additional Details
Custom Artificial Inteligence (AI)

The menu character has it's own custom AI logic. It can determine for itself where to fly. It won't fly too far away (off screen) and won't interfere with any of the clickable, on-screen elements. When the user is not interacting with a clickable item (i.e. an image or a menu item) the menu character will follow you. When you leave the screen or interact with something, the menu character will disengage from you and start flying all by itself.

Particle Effects

The menu system - and some of the other animated characters - have particle effects applied (i.e. smoke trails). The Seb Lee-Delisle AS3 particles class were used to generate and control the particles.

Services Provided

  • Flash Development
  • Art Direction
  • Character Animation

Notable Elements & Technologies

  • Adobe Flash
  • ActionScript 3
  • Particle Effects
  • Artificial Intelligence